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Solo (not solo) Water Study is an intimate work, a joyful, quiet, sometimes loud, sensorial celebration of creative expression for two performers, one dancer and one percussionist, who play at attempting sound and movement synchronicity, negotiating following and leading and everything else in between, failing with joy and full agency at their respective tasks.


Moving with their fluid instruments, they use attention, redirection, pausing, silence, breath, the sound of water and its absence, to see, match or interrupt the flow.

scale, volume, amplitude, detail,


play, work, strategy,



Choreography, costume design: Meryem Alaoui

Created in collaborating with and performed by: Germaine Liu (music) and Sahara Morimoto (dance)
Lighting design: Gord Simmons

Production: Flowchart, Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Photos: Omer Yukseker, Meryem Alaoui

Video recording: Francesca Chudnoff
Performance filmed at Dancemakers Centre for Creation in Toronto // November 2017

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