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Sand Body

“Meditative, purgative and essential. Simply masterful.” [Original]

~  Luc Archambault


“Questioning the frenetic rhythm of our lives and the notion of the body as object, she pushes us to surrender to the contemplation of feeling through meditative observation. We leave [the theatre] both serene and curious to discover more from this Toronto artist.” [Translation]

~  Sandra Nadeau Paradis


“The third and final piece of the evening, Sand Body, created and performed by Meryem Alaoui was undoubtedly the most intriguing piece of the evening. (…) We somewhat have the impression that time stops and pauses to allow the piece to unfold.” [Translation]

~  Jeanne Hourez


“Sand Body by Meryem Alaoui challenges the audience from the start. An open space is presented to us like an interactive 360-degree art installation. (…) Playing with the patience of the audience and the conventions of performance, this social experiment confronts us with the notion of choices and constraints which we all face in daily life and yet they paralyze us in certain environments.” [Translation]

~  Tiffanie Boffa

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