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I was invited to work with Sonia Rodriguez for a week by Robert Binet as part of a new Micro-Commission program at the National Ballet of Canada.


For this project, I was inspired by Sonia’s history as a performer, and I wanted to use drama, especially famous death scenes of the female heroine, such as the ones that can be seen in a few classical and dramatic ballets, as a starting point for this collaboration to explore the notion of death or loss (of identity, of a loved one, of any object of desire or attachment) through dance.


Generally, in my work I value softness, so the question of how to tackle the notion of end or loss, i.e. death, in a dramatic context while staying true to my interests in subtlety, simplicity and embodied consciousness intrigued me.

Choreography, costume design: Meryem Alaoui

Performance: Sonia Rodriguez

Production: Fall for Dance North & micro-commission through the National Ballet of Canada's CreatiAction program

Photos: Kendra Epik and SpringMorris

Video recording: Liliane Stilwell
Rehearsal filmed in The National Ballet of Canada studios in Toronto // April 2019

Password-protected video. Please contact me to view the video.

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