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In this choreographic exploration, Meryem Alaoui collaborates with a group of dancers, musicians and scenographer to question the themes of collectivity and individuality from a perspective of coexistence. The dynamics created by the ensemble then explore unisons that are not perfectly homogeneous and moments of individuality that are not totally isolated. The world created by Ensemble is an in-between between collective intention and individual desire, an encounter between two states of being, two visions that have the potential to complement each other.

Choreography: Meryem Alaoui, created in collaboration with
Performers: Mourad Belouadi (musician); Soufiane Faouzi Mrani, Manal Tass, Ann Trépaier, Salama Sadeq (dancers)
Music Composition: Mourad Belouadi and Hatim Belyamani
Scenography and Lighting Design: Julien Burn
Outside Eye: Nezha Rhondali


Filmed by: Oussama Ait Belmouden on May 26, 2022 in Rabat, Morocco.

Made possible with the support of the Canada Council of the Arts, HIBA_Lab, Théâtre National Mohammed V de Rabat, Peggy Baker Dance Projects and the National Ballet School of Canada and all our generous donors! 

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